Veto Competition, Week #3

Hey, everyone, it's time for the Veto Competition! I need Adam, Drake, Isaac, Jemarc, Panda and Sharky to join me in the virtual backyard.

Today, the six of you will be playing in a simple, yet infuriating game known as Zyl 2, shown here:

The goal is to get the ball from the top of the structure to the bottom, by clicking it. However, beware of obstacles! Moving walls and structures will make it so that if you click your ball at the wrong time, you will strike an obstacle, removing a life. Once your lives have been exhausted, the game is over, and you must start over. Continuing will also restart your score to 0 but with more complex levels, so I would not reccommend it. The individual who sends in the highest score by January 21st, 0:00 UTC will win the Golden Power of Veto.