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Sharky 3000
• 1/14/2014

Veto Competition Results, Week #2

With exactly 250 entries...

Sharky, you have not won the Golden Power of Veto!

Let me explain. One of Sharky's edits was edited, at the 95 mark. After investigating, I saw this peculiarity:

Screenshot (5)

in which Sharky typed in a 5 instead of the correct 95. Sharky, as you made a mistake and did not start over, the rules of this competition state that your score be left off where the last correct answer was. So, instead of 250, your score is 94.

As such, with 175 entries...

Jemarc, you have won the Golden Power of Veto!

Jemarc, if you like, you can take Charley or Dallas off of the block, at which point Drake must make a replacement, which cannot be you. Or, you can keep the nominations the same. You have until January 15th, 0:00 UTC to decide.

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Sharky 3000
• 1/14/2014
Well that sucks
• 1/14/2014

For me. Congrats to you Jemarc :)

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