HOH Competition Week #1, Part 2

Hello, houseguests! As you know, in 2 truths and 1 lie, the first part is used to acquire each person's statements, while the second gives contestants the obligation to guess which of the three given statements is a lie for each of their competitors. Twelve of you have sent in statements, while Nick and Panda have not sent in anything. As such, everyone except for Nick and Panda is eligible to win the Head of Household.

For the other 12 of you, you have until January 5th, 0:00 UTC to send in your guesses to my facebook, Joe's, or to big.brother.org@mail.com.

Here are everyone's statements:


1. I am part Irish

2. I have introduced my parents to ERBOH

3. I was born in india


1. My nickname is AJ

2. My nickname is Astonio

3. My nickname is Ace of Spades


1. I am afraid of spiders.

2. I am afraid of Bears

3. I am afraid of beetles.


1. I work in a pizza shop.

2. I handle over $10000 on a weekly base.

3. I earn over $2500 a month.


1. I love yo take really long walks. 

2. I have a pet snake. 

3. I came from a family of 12 sisters.


1. I hate cheese

2. I am allergic to crustaceans.

3. I almost drowned once.


1. I am on my 3rd year in pre-med school

2. I am part-Chinese

3. I dont have a car


1. I have a secret relationship with Szymon and I love him a lot.

2. I love plants and know how to recognize them easily.

3. I use sailing knots to tie my boots when I actually hate sailing.


1. I had 9 cats total

2. I never wen't abroad facing the East.

3. I broke my nose numerous times.


1. I was born in North Carolina.

2. I have never broken any bones.

3. My favorite singer is Elvis Presley.


1. I have 6 kids. 

2. I love to paint ceramics 

3. I have a wiener dogs named Ball park frank and Oscar Meyer


1. I am a black belt in Karate.

2. I am a mathlete.

3. I played varsity soccer my senior year of high school.