HOH Competition #1 Part 1

Welcome to Big Brother 2! Today for head of household we will be playing 2 Truths and 1 Lie. 

Everybody needs to send George or me 2 true things about yourself and one lie.

Then I will post each persons truths and lies. Each contestant will have to send in which statement they believe is a lie for the 13 other contestants. 

You will get one point for each answer you correctly guess. In the case of a tie we will base it off of whoever had their lie correctly guessed the least. For instance if it is a tie between Aston and Shannon and 6 people correctly guessed which of Shannons statements was a lie while only 4 correctly guessed Astons lie, Aston would be HOH. If it is still a lie we will use random.org to determine the winner.

You have until 0:00 January 4th to send in your statements.