Jino's Jury Speech

As Jino has decided to post his speech on Facebook, here it is for reference purposes, as there are no questions to answer.

"Instead of giving questions I will just say something...

DB I don't think you did a lot on the game I never saw you make a move or something... And I think the only thing that is going to be remembered about you is that you became nominated the all time and got save...Well Congratulations cause you survived every single eviction...Sorry but I felt that you didn't play the game at all

Will in my own opinion you played a perfect game and I think the best move you did is picking DB to be with you at the end. Haha XD. Well it's been nice playing with the both of you but it is so obvious who am I going to vote for... I am voting for the person who really played the game and not the one who just floats...  So Goodluck to the both of you and Congratulations for making it this far :)"