Vote DB

DB has posted his jury speech on Facebook. If you have not seen already, here it is:

"Ok evicted houseguests I could stand before you all and talk about apologies talk about remorse and talk about regret but there are two reasons I am not going to. Number one at this point I think it wouldn't be genuine and Two I don't think I did anything wrong When I came into this house I decided to play with my head and not my heart and its because of that that I wasn't entirely honest with you all I walked through the door and saw big personalities myself included. Some were athletes as well as intelligent. Im not the strongest or the smartest so I figured Im going to have to be more creative and outwit you all Clearly you all thought I was a big threat because I was on the block each week. Everything I did in this game I did for a reason because whether or not if you realize it I was aligned with each of you at one point or another I covered my bases when I needed to and made smart decisions to keep myself in the game. I had to play hard from the very beginning. I couldn't fly under the radar and although not competitively I did a lot of the dirty work. Your decision is to decide the winner of Big Brother the person who wins in my eyes should be the player who played the best. Will is a great guy and we both played a great social game I have complete respect for all of you because each of the five of you gave me something you probably don't know. Sam you motivated me John you entertain me Jino and Kim you challenged me and Blake you did it all. I feel I deserve it and I humbly and respectfully ask you all to vote for me as the winner of Big Brother."