Vote Will

Well hello jury, glad that you could all make it.

I feel I played a good game on the way here. Making good bonds, winning comps, and making strategic moves.

I was close friends with Kim and DB so I basically gravitated towards them for a close alliance. I always stayed loyal to those two through thick and thin, and when I was forced to make a decision at the final 4 whether to keep myself on the block and hope that Kim would keep me or take myself off the block and evict one of my two allies I made a one of the hardest choices I've had to make in an ORG yet and saved myself and evicted Kim.

When it came to competitions I was honesltly shocked with my performance. I've never really been known for being a "challenge/comp dominator" but I guess I came into my own this season. Winning comps so that we could remain in power. I also knew after I started winning a few comps that if I started slacking that I would sooner or later be targeted for being a physical threat. So I worked my ass off to win everything I could to keep myself safe.

But I don't want you guys to think that I was just some brainless goat whose only use was winning comps. I was always thinking of ways to get us one step further. To get us through just one more week.

I'll admit, I did end up betraying people who thought I was loyal to them. But it wasn't out of any personal dislike. I had a choice between going with one alliance and another and in the end I picked one and had to betray the other. I had to make a choice and I did. So that right there is a move I made to get here.

That's all I really have to say (hope you were able to read it all without getting bored). So now I leave it to you 5 to decide who is more deserving and no matter how this ends it was an honor playing.