Veto Meeting, Week #4

This is the Veto Meeting. As Blake has won the Power of Veto, he can choose to Veto one of the nominations. Because he himself cannot be the replacement nominee, Will is the Head of Household and DB & Jino are already nominees, Kim is the automatic replacement should Blake use the Power of Veto. Here is his choice:

Blake has chosen...

not to use the Power of Veto.

Blake, Kim, you must now vote to evict either DB or Jino from the Big Brother house. As Jino has not voted in Week 3, he will receive a penalty vote. If one of you votes while the other does not, imparting a self-vote on the non-voter, and you happen to vote DB making it a 1-1 tie, Will will be the tie-breaker.

This Veto meeting is adjourned.