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• 11/15/2013

HOH Competition #2

Hello, houseguests! We've just finished week 1, and it's time to go through another HOH competition. Blake, as outgoing Head of Household, you are not eligible to compete. Today, you will play a game known as Tower Stack, shown right here: You will add blocks to your tower, attempting to get them on the tower and preferably get the blocks aligned, as this would garner more points. But watch out! If you drop 3 blocks over the course of your game, it's all over. This may seem easy, but as the tower gets larger it will start to sway rapidly, making it a challenge to merely get your blocks onto the tower. The person that sends in the highest score wins HOH for the week. You must send it in to my facebook account, to Joe's or to You must send it in by November 16th, 12:00 UTC. 

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• 11/15/2013
um where's the link
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