Veto Ceremony #1 Part #2, Replacement Nominee

As Will has elected to take Kim off of the nomination block, Blake had to choose a replacement nominee. Jino, John, Monkey or Sam must be put up against DB, where they must fight for the votes to stay in the game. The other 5 members will vote to evict one of the nominees, and if 3 votes are given to one nominee, that nominee will be evicted from the Big Brother house. Anyway, to replace Kim, Blake has chosen to put up:


DB, Monkey, you are the two final nominees, and one of you will be evicted from the house. As your votes are self-explanatory, you will both be ineligible to vote. As for Jino, John, Kim, Sam, and Will, you will vote to evict a nominee, with 3 votes for one of these two individuals being enough to send that player packing. You must vote before November 15th, 0:00 UTC. This veto ceremony is adjourned. Send your votes to my facebook,

Joe's Facebook,

or the Big Brother e-mail,