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• 11/9/2013

Veto Ceremony #1 Part 1, Veto Choice

As Will has won the Golden Power of Veto, he can choose to take one of Blake's nominees off the block, or not. If he decides to use it, Will cannot be put up in their place, meaning that Will is immune this week. If he decides to use it, as Head of Household, Blake must choose a replacement nominee to go up in the former nominee's place. Without further ado, I have Will's choice.

Will has chosen...

to use the power of veto on...


Blake, as you cannot put Will or Kim up, and DB is already on the block, you must choose either Jino, John, Monkey, or Sam to go up against DB in our very own not-so-live eviction ceremony. You have until November 11th, 0:00 UTC to decide.

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• 11/9/2013
thanks will
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