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• 10/20/2013

Season 1 Applications Are Open!

Hello, houseguests! Welcome to the first season of Big Brother, hosted by Joe and myself! Over the course of 75 days, 14 of you will fight for power in one of the most hectic games in all of television. In order to play, all prospective houseguests must fill out a short application and complete a short game, which can be accessed here: Zyl 2. By October 27, 0:00 UTC, we will close applications, releasing the cast on October 30, 0:00 UTC, and officially starting the season on October 31, 0:00 UTC. Thus, the season will end in 75 days on January 15th, when the winner of our first season will be announced. Anyway, here are the application questions:

1. Please provide your Username, Name (or a codename if you so prefer), Age, and the country you come from.

2. How much time on average do you spend on the computer on a daily basis?

3. Please provide a Facebook, and if you do not have one, create a ghost account that is used for the ORG alone, and submit that.

4. Give us 3 words to describe yourself.

5. Who is your favorite Big Brother houseguest and why?

6. Please provide a reason for being on Big Brother.

7. Why do you believe you can win this game?

E-mail your applications and a screenshot of your game results to Those who will put their applications and screenshots on the comment thread below will be rejected.


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• 10/14/2013
Is it or gmail?
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